Custom made clear appliance orthodontics

Our dentists are trained in clear appliance orthodontics, meaning you can get your perfect smile and still carry on with all the things you enjoy in life! These appliances correct smiles by using a series of custom made clear aligners, with gradual changes in each, which will move your teeth a little bit at a time. These aligners fit you perfectly, so they’re more comfortable than traditional braces, and they’re removable, so you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite foods - simply pop the trays out, and brush your teeth as normal before putting your aligners back in. Once you’ve had your pre-orthodontic consultation, our dentist will send your moulds and photos to the orthodontic provider where they will send back a digital simulation of how your teeth will look at each stage of your journey, so you’ll know what results you can expect straight away! Logo and Images © ClearCorrect

Our team are Orthodontic providers for

Traditional braces

Our dentists are offer a free pre-orthodontic consultation for both clear orthodontics and fixed traditional orthodontics.

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